The true North staff have some special goodies prepared for the 20th edition.


coloringimgColoring page

Annie Brace with Corso Graphics has made a snazzy Alaskan adult coloring page for our True North readers. Download the PDF version here.




Quiz: Which of the four types of Alaskans are you?

What would you do for a three day weekend?

  1. You spend your weekend seeing your friends by renting a room at the Captain Cook.
  2. It gives you enough time to plan a camping trip to Denali!
  3. You spend your entire weekend snowboarding/skiing at Alyeska.
  4. You don’t get out of your house. Netflix and a warm cup, that’s all you need.

What is your favorite restaurant?

  1. Nothing is worth more than a good pizza at Moose’s Tooth.
  2. Glacier Brewhouse is the place to be.
  3. Chair 5 (Girdwood) after a long day of activities.
  4. It’s too much work to go outside. It’s either too cold or there is too much traffic. You prefer to order Chinese delivery.

What do you prefer to wear?

  1. It’s important to be warm during winter. You wear an overall Carhartt or skhoop skirt.
  2. <li”>You need warm and light clothes for all the activities you do. You usually wear a North Face jacket and/or beanie.
  3. You believe you can look good any time of the year. You’re not afraid of the cold, you wear a peacoat or knee-high boots.
  4. Comfort is the most important for you. Sweats and leg warmers are you friends.

What is your ideal winter car?

  1. You prefer Jeeps, big and solid, you can do anything with it.
  2. A reliable Subaru that you can take anywhere.
  3. Cadillac (or VW), good looking and spacious, perfect for going out with friends.
  4. Ford Focus, good on gas, easy to maintain.

How is your driving on ice?

  1. Not again! You convince someone to drive you around to avoid a potential accident.
  2. Finally! You go out and have fun drifting.
  3. Whatever. Ice does not bother you anymore.
  4. Ice? Ice! You pull the sheets over your eyes and drift back asleep.


  • If the majority of your answers are 1’s, you are an Urban Alaskan.  You enjoy going out with your friends, enjoying the music scene or just enjoying a nice dinner out. You like to look good but comfortable even during cold winter days.
  • If the majority of your answers are 2’s, you are a Tough Alaskan. You consider yourself to be outdoorsy. You enjoy Alaska a little more during the summer to do more outdoor activities such as camping, fishing and hiking. You enjoy sharing comfort food with friends at your usual spot.
  • If the majority of your answers are 3’s, you are an Xtra tough Alaskan. You live for winter. You wait impatiently for winter to go snowboarding, skiing and snowmachining. After a long day you like stopping by your favorite restaurant to enjoy a nice warm meal.
  • If the majority of your answers are 4’s, you are an Alaskan Home Body. Every year you try to get through winter by fantasizing about Hawaii. You have a set schedule: Get up and go to work/classes and come back home to sleep. You need comfy clothes while hibernating until spring.