True North Magazine is a publication sponsored by the Department of Journalism and Public Communications at the University of Alaska Anchorage. This year, we’re focusing on stories for Alaskans by Alaskans. True North is also an opportunity for students of the program to showcase their skills and apply what they’ve learned in the classroom.

True North 2018

Paola Banchero

Paola Banchero has been with the Department of Journalism and Communication since 2004. Producing True North is a highlight of the academic year: The freedom and creativity students enjoy makes teaching JPC A445 a breeze, though she’s not sure she should admit how much fun it is.

Logan Harrison is a senior in the JPC department. He was born and raised in Anchorage, with extended stops throughout the Pacific Northwest. He began taking classes at UAA after prospecting didn’t… pan.. out. He currently hosts a weekly morning show on KRUA 88.1 as he counts down the days to graduation.

Chris Lawrence

Chris Lawrence is a lifelong Alaskan who enjoys music, sports and culture. While not helping write or design for True North, Chris can be seen running, biking or on a pair of skis. Chris currently works for the UAA Athletic Department and spent a summer writing for the Alaska Dispatch News. A Rebel at heart, he will look to attend Ole Miss for graduate school in hopes of becoming a sports marketer or sports info director.

Conor McDonald

Conor McDonald was born and raised in the small ski town of Copper Mountain, Colorado. He has always had a love for skiing and the outdoors, which in turn brought him to UAA seeking a degree in multimedia journalism. If he is not out competing with UAA’s NCAA Division One Alpine Ski Team or in class, you can find him filming for the up and coming D’s get Degrees Production Company in the Alaska backwoods.

Shayne Nuesca

Shayne Nuesca was born in the Philippines and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. She likes to tell sociocultural stories using words, audio/visuals and data. Shayne describes herself as an inherently curious person who wants to know and see the world, which is the reason she became a journalist. In her spare time, she tinkers with code and web development.

Bethany VogeBethany Voge is a junior in the Journalism & Public Communications program at UAA. She hopes to turn her passion for photography, videography and creating into a career one day. She plans to travel the world once she’s done with her degree and study the different cultures of the world.

Malia BartoMalia Barto is a lifelong Alaskan, born and raised in Eagle River. She is a junior journalism and public communications major at UAA with a minor in justice. She loves writing and being nosy, two things that helped her decide on becoming a journalist. She grew up figure skating so if she’s not studying, chances are she’s at the rink.

Mizelle Mayo

Mizelle Mayo was born in the Philippines and moved to Barrow, Alaska when she was one-year-old. She moved to Anchorage when she was five-years-old and has lived there ever since. She hopes to be a multimedia journalist for Reuters someday. In her spare time, she likes to unicycle down the roads of Spenard and hike mountains all seasons.

Joely Hodgson

Joley Hodgson, a lifelong Alaskan, grew up in Juneau, Alaska, before settling down with her parents and siblings in Anchorage, where she finished her high school career as a Dimond Lynx.  Currently, taking part in her final semester at the University of Alaska Anchorage, she hopes to continue her education next year on the East Coast and obtain a Master’s Degree in Sports Journalism.  Post college, Hodgson aspires to work in the sports industry as a sideline reporter/sports commentator.

Peter GoeringPeter Goering is an Air Force veteran of 24 years. Peter returned to school after he retired to pursue a degree in Public Communication.  He plans on working for the Air Force as a civilian Public Affairs consultant and is planning to move to England at the end of this year.

Lucas WrightLucas Wright is a journalism major at UAA with junior standing. Lucas emphasizes in print and digital media, and he is interested in anthropology and public policy. Lucas has been an avid cyclist for several years and enjoys long-distance mountain biking and fatbiking.

Kenzy HartungKenzy Hartung is an Alaska native and a UAA senior with a passion for art, design, and street fashion. Her favorite place to be is behind the camera, and when she’s not taking pictures she likes to spend her free time painting and knitting. After school, she plans to seek a career in web design.

Madison McEnaneyMadison McEnaney says she is many things, but most importantly she is an Alaskan born and raised journalism student at the University of Alaska Anchorage. She is a writer, specifically in regards to the local music and art scene in Anchorage. When she’s not attending shows or writing about them, you’ll find her pouring lattes as a barista at specialty coffee shop Black Cup-Cafe Del Mundo. Coffee, music, and hair dye are some of her strongest passions, and sharing stories that revolve around those things are what she hopes to keep doing once she graduates this fall.

Marie SullivanMarie Sullivan was born in China and raised in Anchorage, Alaska from the age of one. She is a Journalism and English student at UAA who has always dreamed of meeting Justin Bieber. When she is not in school or working you can find her reading, skiing, or out taking pictures.